Age is the Boogeyman Adults Fear

Dear Marketers, Stop using the word “anti-aging” when you’re selling face creams, unless you’re trying to sell Marty McFly’s DeLorean the word is meaningless.

The idea that something would stop aging, an unavoidable event that occurs as time goes on is a bit ridiculous, yet it seems to be a successful strategy.

That success comes from tapping into the fear of aging. Aging is nothing to be feared, it’s merely the accumulation of changes in a person or thing due to the passage of time. Aging is not synonymous with deterioration. Though it seems to have that connotation when describing a person (that isn’t George Clooney), but coincidentally not a wine or whisky.

Not only are the physical changes that happen with growing older feared, but the life changes that occur as well. You find many shy away responsibility and the expectations that comes with age. San Francisco locals may have noticed the phenomena dubbed “Peter Pan Syndrome”. Because staying out partying all night when you hit 40 IS SO COOL.

No, no it isn’t.

Attempting to stop the inevitable is futile. Graceful aging comes with accepting the changes that come with growing old.

Unfortunately since I tend to laugh at my own jokes, I have accepted that I will have more lines around my eyes and mouth. Though even as I’m writing about accepting the aging process, I often seek solace in the adage that ‘black don’t crack’.

No one said it was an easy process.

As a child I was prone to angry outbursts. I once tied my shoes together to form makeshift nunchucks. Thankfully for all of you, I grew out of that stage. I realized that stubbornness didn’t serve any purpose.

Becoming older means having the wisdom to know yourself and know what things you will and will not accept. At the same time, it means having the ability to accept the validity in other views, the knowledge that experience colors interaction and personality.

Having the confidence to make concessions comes with age. Sometimes winning means walking away from a bad situation completely intact.

You will age. But you have the choice of becoming a rotten apple or a fine wine.

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